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Friday, August 22, 2008

Throwing Cookies

I got a call from daycare the other day letting me know both girls had thrown up and I needed to come pick them up. I was doing a few more emails, when my oldest Janae threw up again. When I got to the daycare, my little Belle had joined Janae in the second heat of the Throw Up Olympics. When we arrived home, the "sick" girls ran down the hall and shouted with joy and began to play very hard to my surprise. In the meantime, I had beefed up my knowledge on their condition online and knew they could only have a few tablespoons of water every 5-10 minutes for the first 6-8 hours after vomiting. This didn't go over well, lots of whining and hunger pains going on even with the nod from mommy to drink Sprite. Pretty soon, I had them following me around the house begging for another cracker. I would hand them out like precious gems looking for any signs of nausea and diarrhea. But nothing happened, they only got hungrier. I promised a big bowl of noodles when they awoke from their nap and begged them, literally to go to sleep. When they awoke, everyone felt better, including me. and I served up the BRAT diet of bananas, rice/pasta, apples and toast and the next day they were eating normal food again. Looking back, I think the milk in their oatmeal that morning must have been the culprit.

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