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Friday, August 1, 2008

the simple life

We are in the process of moving and selling our home. And while packing and renting a storage is a pain the ending result of a clutter free home is so worth it. The girls only have one bin of toys, we have eight plates and four glasses. There are five books on the bookshelf and no pictures to dust. I am loving life and thinking as I walk through our bare necessities condo, why do we have so much stuff? And I actually have time to play with the girls and not feel the need to clean. Now when we move in to the new space which, if I get my way, we will have a nice size garage. My declutter plan is to take two boxes in the house each day, go through it and make 3 piles: love it, maybe or hate it. If I love it, it stays in the house, maybe goes in the garage with a date on the box and if I hate it goes to charity. Now the maybe box needs to revisited 6 months to one year later and if I don't need to open it, its new home is the Goodwill.

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