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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

More teeth please

At sixteen months my little one is still cutting teeth with only eight peeking through. We thought another nasty ear infection was looming, but no just new choppers. She has been awful fussy, low-grade fever, no appetite, sucks on her fingers, and bites my shoulder when I hold her. After some string cheese, a dose of Ibuprofen, and a stint with a frozen turtle teething ring, the clock struck 10 pm. And she still wasn't asleep. I was on the edge of loosing desperate and grabbed an ice cube for her to munch on, a Popsicle to chew, and a teething biscuit. I finally found the baby teething gel and this was the icing. I put some on my finger and rubbed her gums for a couple of minutes and she cooed and sighed and was dreaming in seven minutes. The picture of her here is clearly a cute non-teething moment.

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