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Saturday, April 30, 2011

disneyland food tippies

We are in the magical land of happiness.  Our first family vacation.  Here are my seven cost saving foodie tips for eating at Disneyland.  1.  Bring snacks. They don't mind, meals are expensive and your kids are too excited to eat full meals anyways.  2.  Bring water. Or you can buy it at the park for $3-5 a bottle.  We bought a case at the mini mart near our hotel.  3.  Find the hotel buffet breakfasts that let kids eat for free.  4.  Pack cereal, paper bowls, spoons in your luggage and buy the milk and bananas at the mini mart.  Great afternoon snack and/or cheap breakfast option.  5. Eat dinner at Ihop.  Kids eat free@ Ihop after 4pm when an adult buys a meal.  What kid doesn't want pancakes and strawberries for dinner?  6.  Avoid the park food courts and opt for the restaurants.  You get more bang for your buck$. 7.  Do the character dinning (see pic).  Great memory.  Just realize that's what your paying for.  It's $35 per adult and $19 per kid.  We had a tasty breakfast at Ariel's Grotto while the princesses strolled around. The girls loved it.  Bring your camera and keep snappin' and bring your appetite, because they will keep the food flowin'. 

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

earth friendly snack bags on sale

In honor of Earth Day, Mama Luvs is having a sale!  Get 30% off your entire purchase with free shipping on all orders through the month of April!  Use code "SMDF Earth Day" to nab this exclusive savings.  Mama Luvs snack bags have new springtime fabrics. These are perfect for summer camps and packing meals for daytime adventures at the parks and beaches this spring and summer! - Taken from

Monday, April 4, 2011

spring showers

Enough with the rain. We live in the pacific northwest and the induction of spring only means more rain.  Sigh.  Besides going to the movies and indoor germ infested kiddie centers, here are some other ways we are beating the showers around these parts...roller skating, ice skating, library visits, painting pottery (like Paint the Town), or check out volunteer matches at

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