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Sunday, May 15, 2011

we fly

We got back from "the land" last week and the girls flew for the first time.  Here are seven fly tips to ease your trip with the kiddies.  1.  Bring snacks like trail mix and fruit.  Or you could buy an airplane meal for $10.  2. Huh?  I said, ear plugs work.  They will slowly equalize pressure against the eardrum. Try Flents ear stopples eco-friendly ones.  3.  Stuff an extra shirt in your purse.  Your baby could throw up from the turbulence.  4.  Save money and stow your kid's luggage on the plane.  5.  Pass out the gum or sip water.  Swallowing and yawning as the plane is pressurized opens the ear-to-throat connection. 6.  Pack a small blanket for plane naps. 7.  Bring crayons, pencils and workbooks to pass the time.  The kiddies will love to pull the seat table to play.  Have fun!

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