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Friday, December 30, 2011

Lappie top

VTech Brilliant Creations Advanced learning laptop
Another big hit for Christmas this year was a VTech Brilliant Creations Advanced learning laptop.  We bought a Barbie one at Costco for only $32, but the mediocre games,  two color screen, lame graphics, and Barbie theme made me return it.  The My Own Leaptop laptop @ 21 bucks is great for 1-3-year olds because it only has 6 learning stations that are very basic.  I do like that you can choose from 8 email messages and personalize them for your kiddie to enjoy.  Here's why we love the VTech laptop:  LCD color display, animated graphics, 120 learning activities including foreign language and Math.  It also has a back-light so it works well when you travel at night and your kid can create and save letters and art.  Read more reviews here.

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