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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Ice cream cone cupcakes

Betty Crocker Ice Cream Cone Cakes
They love ice cream.  They love cake batter.  Slap them together and they will fall over with joy.  I'm making these tasty treats for Belle's upcoming 5th birthday.  Here's what you do:  Mix your cake batter according to your recipe, place cupcake liners into  muffin tins, pour in the batter, place ice-cream cones on top and bake 15-22 minutes.  Cool, remove liner, frost and sprinkle with love. Here are some organic cake recipes. Send me your pics and comments when you make this one!  

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Anonymous said...

Love the ‘kiddie tips blog’. Made cake ice cream cones for Katie when she was 6. Jeff made them for her when she was in the hospital with her broken leg. Gave him something constructive to do – he was almost 10, but very worried about his sister. Very fun! - A.

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