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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

cavekiddie diet

Way back illions of years ago...our ancestors ate veggies and bread carbies.  I kinda like carbs, Janae really loves carbs but I also see how they make us tired, feel full but empty, and hey...make us wanna eat more crabs.  I started the family on a modified cavekiddie diet, also known as Paleo, stone age diet. We are still eating dairy. From the book Paleo Everyday, Sarah Fragoso suggests a kiddie on-the-go breakfast of a hard boiled egg, almonds, frozen blueberries. Sound filling? You'd be surprised.  Fragoso bodly suggests you ditch the pop tarts, bread, flour, and chips and opt for pumpkin seeds, almond butter, coconut milk, almond meal and tons of veggies. Read her blog here. 

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