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Thursday, June 12, 2008

They're Killing Us

I am about tired of eating out. We went to that restaurant with the big red goofy bird last night and my two year old, Janae ordered mac n cheese with cantaloupe. I ordered a corn dog and mandarin slices for Belle, the youngest one. Janae inhaled her main dish and wanted more but before she could finish, I threw a few curved noodles Belle's way who greedily smacked most of it down but accidentally knocked over the rest on the floor. Lucky her. Back to Janae. Just as I ordered complimentary seconds for her, she says "I have to go potty." I take her and she not only pees but has diarrhea. Nice. I warn her that she will not be eating Red Robin mac n cheese anymore and she sighs knowing I am right. Here's what I found regarding MSG laden restaurant food. Tip - Read your labels, cut down on eating out and ask for no MSG when you do.

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