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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Birthday on the cheap

Is it possible to throw a birthday party for 30 people under $100? I think it is and we shall see come September. Our little one turned one today and we had her party this past Sunday and it was about $250. We are thinking, a pot luck for the next party will bring costs down as the total number coming will not change since it's all family attending. We were going to do pizza for this last party but we are pizza snobs so the cheapest kind we like is about $24 a pie. We had Italian food ($180) catered and we had the left overs for dinner. I also ran a few inexpensive kid games as I had about 10 sweet faces to entertain. We did pin the tail on the bunny (cost of cotton balls), an inside Easter egg hunt ($10 with plastic eggs and candy) and a cotton ball spoon race down the hallway. Winners received a small chocolate bunny (.44cents ea.) and everyone took home a goodie bag with items I bought from the Target $1 area. Even in this area, I got cheaper, as I only bought $1 items that came in at least sets of 3-5. For Laney's 2nd birthday I made a duncan hines Dora cake ($3 cake mix) with a gifted Dora cake tin pan. My sister who is a cake decorating snob, flipped out and bought icing to make it look pretty. This time, I let her make the whole thing. She made an impressive pretty princesses cake (see photo) and I hope she didnt spend more than $20 on decorating it.

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