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Friday, August 17, 2012

thredUP shoppin'

School starts in a few weeks.  On Tuesday night we went to the mall, 1 hour later we had two huge bags of clothes and I...this is very important...did not wait in lines or have to squash verbal blow-outs with my girls.

You could also just shop online, which is how I will complete my shopping.  My favorite sites -, and - The last one has new and mostly gently used clothing at stealing deals.  Gotta love eco-friendly shopping.

You can also send your gently used, clean clothes to thredUP and get a clothing credit.  I've got 20 bucks sitting in my account as I type.  Check out this cute Justice jean skirt for $8.99 I'm getting for Janae.  The site filters are great and allow you to narrow your search easy pleasy.  Happy shoppin'.

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