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Sunday, February 26, 2012

easier nights

You, being the super mommie, already know about doing the following the night before school:  laying out clothes, packing lunches, signing permission slips, and checking and packing homework into backpacks.  You got those right?  But what about these efficiency kiddie tips to make your p.m.'s run just a wee bit smoother:  1. Have your kiddies match socks AND put them away.  2. Have them pack their own lunch – make an assembly line of food and get it done before nighty night time.  They might be more likely to eat what they packed.  3. Get them to work.  I have my girls ages 4 and 6 sweep the floors after dinner, wipe counters and unload the dishwashed utensils. It’s NEVER too early to start chores.  Even Elastigirl couldn’t do it all.  4. Place permission slips and homework on refrigerator or a bulletin board – otherwise...out of sight out of mind.  View eco-friendlybulletin boards here.

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