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Friday, May 21, 2010

Reading Step 1 - Kid Tips

So we are still on step 1 of "How to Teach Your Baby to Read". Each week I show the girls 25 new words a week. Here's what's working the best: I show a set of 5 words on Monday three times a day. Usually once before they go to school and daycare and then two more times when we all get home. On Tuesday, I add 10 new words and thrown in 10 more new words on Wednesday. Thursday and Fridays are just showing all 25 words again. By Friday the girls have seen the first set of words 15 times. I can tell it's working. Janae begins reading the first set of words as I hold them up by Wednesday. If you have tried to teach your kid and stopped, try again! If you are thinking about doing it, try! Ages 0-5 are the best ages for kids to learn. Be patient and positive. Do not give up. Keep it fun! Keep it short. Do not test your baby, just show them the words.

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