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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Easy like Sunday Morning

I'm at home with the kids while looking for a new job and it seems getting out of the house each day has become grueling, tiresome, and frustrating. I have been chatting with other stay at home mommies and have come up with my top seven list of things to do to keep organized, sane and moving efficiently throughout the day. Of course if you work, just apply this to your weekend fun. Here it goes...
1. Lay out clothes for the next day the night before
2. Bathe kids at night
3. If you will be out during lunch, pack some sandwiches and fruit for the ride
4. Dress your sleepy child just when they wake up - less fighting over outfits
5. Demand a 1-2 hour quiet time with the choice of napping, reading or playing quietly
6. Go to the park, for a walk or let them play in the backyard every day
7. Arrange play dates once a week
Here's a good article on creative lunches for kids. Now get some rest.

1 comment:

izzycbr said...

Good tips!
Kids are definitely happier when they can feel a sense of organization. It took me the better of my 5 months at home to realize that. You're already ahead of the game.
Enjoy your time at home!

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