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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Ants on a log

Somehow I tricked Janae into eating celery. Keep in mind she is not a fan of veggies. I include sliced baby carrots or cucumbers in her lunch but she won't touch them. So I threaten her. "No juice box tomorrow if you don't eat those carrots today," I warn her as I drive her and Belle to daycare. I ate one carrot she yells excitedly when I pick her up. I try again. She's a peanut butter addict so when we get home, I slice up a celery stalk and dip it in Trader Joe's Organic crunchy peanut butter explaining to her that mommy loved to eat this when she was a Girl Scout except I also put raisins on it. "Ohhh, I want to be a Girl Scout," she says eyeing the snack. Janae loved it and also agreed to eat peas for lunch. Her sister Belle on the other hand, flashes a dimple when I serve her frozen peas, cucumbers, and broccoli for breakfast.

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